Symposium 2018: Photographic Competition

This year, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the first FSBI conference photographic competition.  When submitting an abstract, we invite you to submit a photograph (your own image that you have image rights to), that reflects either the content of their abstract, or one of the themes of the conference.  If you are not submitting an abstract, you may also submit a photograph to the competition using the conference email address Please ensure your image file name includes your own name and no spaces (use underscores). Please also include a small text blurb to go with the image that explains what is going on in the image and how you came to take it.

e.g. martintaylor_catfish.jpg

Please note: photographs should be related to fish in some way.

Photographs will be shortlisted by a panel of experts before the conference, shortlisted images displayed and conference participants subsequently invited to vote for the ‘best in theme’ and overall ‘best photograph’ prize.

Both shortlisted and non-shortlisted images will used throughout the conference to bring the themes to life.

We will only use the images in relation to the conference, will always be accredited to the photographer, and always with permission. The image rights will remain with the photographer.

Minor image manipulation such as cropping, adjustment of exposure, colour balance etc are acceptable, along with minor dust removal. Adding or removing elements of the image, combining images or elements of images is not allowed. Judges reserve the right to inspect original unprocessed images.

Symposium 2018: Photographic Competition
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