Training Grant

Date & time :

Closing Dates

20 Jan, 01 May, and 01 October

23.59  PM GMT

What is Our Training Grant?

The FSBI funds training grants each year to support members of the Society to undertake further training into any aspect of fish biology and fisheries science and/or training that will help the member develop their career goals or research.

Training grant applications are open to any member of the Society, regardless of their geographical location, but to be eligible you must be an FSBI member at the time of making a grant application.

Training can be online or in person, if available in your area following your government's covid-19 rules.

3 Key Documents Before Applying

Before applying for our Training Grant please download the three documents below, read through them and fill in any information needed. You will need to do this before applying on your my.fsbi.org.uk account.
Once you have the 3 Key Documents please click below to apply now on our my.fsbi portal.

Examples of Training Courses

Here are some FSBI approved training courses, the training courses that you can apply for is not limited to these examples.

IFM Short Course

Perfect for people aspiring to become a technical assistant, water/fishery bailiff or assistant fishery manager in the water industry, or similar positions in commercially run fisheries.

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Highland Statistics

Provides 10 different statistics courses that are non-technical and cover a wide range of statistical techniques and application fields. See this pdf file for a detailed description.

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Physalia Courses

High-level scientific courses and workshops that are useful for all academic career stages. The courses they have available cover a large scope from fish behaviour to fisheries genomics.

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ICES Workshops

Provides a huge scope of training courses and workshops from scientific writing and publishing advice to stock assessment and fishery managment evaluations.

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Ichthyology Diploma

Animal Courses provides a comprehensive 9 unit course around Icthyology perfect for undergaduates.

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How We Assess Applications

1. The value of the proposed training to the applicant (e.g.relevance to research and future career plans);
2. The connection and relevance of the course to the core objectives of the FSBI;
3. The level of training, or other grant support previously received from the FSBI;
4. The level of additional support obtained for the proposed training course;
5. The cost of the training course;
6. The career stage of the individual (e.g. student level or years post degree)

Successful applicants will be asked to provide a short article for the FSBI Newsletter and provide feedback to the Training Grants Committee on the quality of the course.

This will help us to build up a picture of training courses and providers to advise others.

Grant will provide up to

£1000 for a Training Course