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What is Our Small Research Grant?

The FSBI funds a number of small research projects each year to support members of the Society to undertake novel research into any aspect of fish biology and fisheries science that is relevant to the Society’s objectives.

Applicants can bid for up to £7,500 to support their projects.

The FSBI's budget for Small Research Grant is £66,000 per year.

Research grant competitions are open to any member of the Society, regardless of their geographical location, but to be eligible you must be a paid up FSBI member at the time of making a grant application.

Key Documents Before Applying

Before applying for our Small Research Grant please download and read the T&C's to make sure your eligible for the funding. You will need to do this before applying on your my.fsbi.org.uk account. 
You can also download the Report Form now or later, if you are successful. 

*For successful applicants; Once the report form has been filled please send this to theteam@fsbi.org.uk. Figures and or images should be attached to the email rather than within the report form.  

Click below to apply now on our my.fsbi portal.

Important Information

Late applications will not be considered. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 48 hours please contact theteam@fsbi.org.uk

Subject-related enquires should be addressed to the chair of the Research Grant sub-committee.

Previous Awardees and Reports

Hayley Suter

University of Glasgow

The affects of maternal steroids and spawning order on juvenile brown trout.

Download pdf

Iain Barber

University of Wales

Ontogeny of parasite-mediated behaviour change in sticklebacks.

Download pdf

Jens Krause

University of Leeds

Preference for familiar fish across different species.

Download pdf

Lucy Odling-Smee

University of Edinburgh

A collaborative study between Edinburgh University and the University of British Columbia to compare spatial learning in benthic and limnetic stickleback species pairs.

Download pdf

Adam Andrews

Tromsø, Norway, M.Sc. Student

The origin of boreal species invading Arctic waters, Northeast of Greenland.

Download pdf

Grant will provide up to