FSBI Branding Identity

Below is a breakdown of our branding Identity colours and Logos. These are essential to download and use for FSBI students, funded members or council members that need to present their work or research.



FSBI Logo and Title

This is the preffered logo to use for research or advertisement that has been funded by the FSBI.

It can be placed in areas of your presentations/ posters, documents that is funded or partially funded by the FSBI.


FSBI Logo without Title

This logo is to be used as a watermark to place onto images or videos made by or for the FSBI.

This logo can also be used if there is not enough space on your to fit the full logo onto FSBI work documents/ conference presentations.

FSBI Brand Colours

For advertisement purposes our brand colours are an important aspect to the FSBI's Identity. Atleast two or more of these colours in any combination shoud be used when designing advertisement (leaflets, social media adverts, symposium adverts) for or on the behalf of the FSBI.



#f48221 (HEX),


715 C (pantone)


#006db6 (HEX),


300 C (pantone)


#eef2f2 (HEX),


656 C (pantone)


#02a9b2 (HEX),


312 C (pantone)

Dark Blue

#1f2158 (HEX),


274 C (pantone)

FSBI Powerpoint Slides Theme

These powerpoint slide designs have specifically been made for the FSBI. They should be used by FSBI sponsored students during internal meetings and external conferences but they can be used by any member if they so wish.