Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

FSBI's EDI statement

  • The FSBI is an international not-for-profit scientific society that welcomes members of any country, gender, race, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. We acknowledge the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion at all learning and career stages to produce outcomes that benefit from, and serve, a variety of perspectives, skills, and values. We strive to tackle barriers to access and participation, and support a fish biology community that is representative of the wider society we serve.

EDI Activities Since 2022

To further this intent, the FSBI has elected an Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Committee.
Since 2022 the committee’s activities have included:

An EDI workshop

This was held at the FSBI 2022 Symposium, where Members’ insights into challenges and opportunities for the society to foster better diversity and inclusion were discussed.

An External Review

On the back of these discussions, in 2022-23 the FSBI commissioned an external review of the Society’s activities, grants and website. The consultants analysed FSBI activities and led facilitated group discussions with Council to provide a series of recommendations.

Our first EDI survey and Statement

The consultants helped develop our first EDI survey for Society Members, that we will be launching in July 2024, to better understand the composition and needs of the membership. In 2024 a public EDI statement, endorsed by the Council on behalf of the FSBI, was agreed on.

Further Review and Future Workshops

We are also reviewing the terms and conditions, application forms, and assessment criteria of our funding initiatives. Our aim is to improve transparency of process such that everyone knows what is being asked for
and how the application will be assessed. We are planning an EDI workshop at the 2024 FSBI symposium,

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