The Journal Of Fish Biology

The Journal of Fish Biology (JFB) is the Society's official journal, and is a leading international, peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality papers focusing on the biology of finfish in all aquatic ecosystems: marine, estuarine and fresh water. In 2008, The Journal of Fish Biology was ranked amongst the 100 most influential journals of Biology & Medicine over the last 100 years. 


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The Journal is still open to everyone, regardless of your membership statement. The Huntingford medal, which is awarded to the best performing paper in the JFB, is also not restricted to members and open to all.

The Journal of Fish Biology brings together, under one cover, an overall picture of current research and provides a means of international communication among researchers across many disciplines with a common interest in the biology of fish.

Topics covered include: Aquaculture, Behaviour, Biochemistry, Diseases, Distribution, Ecology, Genetics, Growth, Immunology, Migration, Molecular and cell science, Morphology, Parasitology, Physiology, Pollution impacts, Population studies, Reproduction, Taxonomy, and Toxicology.

Each volume of the Journal of Fish Biology consists of six issues. Generally a volume comprises five regular issues and one Special Issue (the proceedings of the annual FSBI Symposium and one other special topic). Occasionally a regular issue may be replaced by a Special Issue. 

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