Symposia 2018: Call for Abstracts

We welcome contributions for oral or poster presentations on the topic of  “The Sustainable Use and Exploitation of Fishes”. Please take account of the symposium sub-themes when submitting your abstract. Potential contributors should submit abstracts for oral, poster presentation or 3 minute speed-talk by 1st March 2018following the template shown below. The scientific steering committee will review all abstracts for relevance to the symposium and scientific merit before compiling the programme.

Abstract Layout

The Layout must be as follows:

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Please indicate conference themes and subthemes to which your abstract relates.

Abstract Example

Pinnegar, John K. 1,2* and Murray, Joanna M. 1

1Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science, Lowestoft Laboratory, Pakefield Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 0HT, UK.

2School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, UK


The global trade in marine aquarium fish has intensified in recent years with more than 20 million fish harvested on an annual basis and great concern about over-exploitation. The United Kingdom is the largest importer of marine ornamental fish in Europe yet species-level information is completely lacking in terms of volume, value and composition of supply. In this study, we conduct a unique survey of fish appearing in UK retail stores, as well as conducting a review of government trade statistics, with the ultimate aim to significantly strengthen the evidence-base in the UK and to support future management initiatives. Fifty marine aquarium retailers were visited between April and August 2011. A total of 380 marine aquarium fish species (4,926 individuals) from 48 families were recorded, with the largest proportion of individuals belonging to the families Pomacentridae, Acanthuridae, Apogonidae, Labridae, Pomacanthidae, Gobidae and Labridae. The majority of fish for sale (91% of species) are thought to have originated from the Indo-Pacific with only a small number (9% of species) derived from the sources in the Atlantic. Government data reveal that the ornamental reef fish trade has grown considerably in the UK over the past 10 years with a marked acceleration in 2003/2004. Trade records (2014) identify Indonesia, USA, Philippines and the Maldives as the most important countries in terms of imports into the UK. Several species identified for sale in the UK have been designated by the IUCN and CITES as being of conservation concern.

Key words:  Aquarium – trade – coral reef – ornamental – import – biodiversity

FSBI 2018 Conference sub-theme: Ornamental fish and fisheries

Presentation type: Oral

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Deadline: Midnight GMT 1 March 2018

Please submit your abstract as a Word file by email to:

You will receive notification of receipt for your Abstract and, following the submission deadline, your abstract will be assessed by the Scientific Committee. Presenting Authors will be notified by 31 March if their Abstract has been accepted, including the format of their presentation.

NB: Presenting authors must register for the conference by the early-bird deadline of 30 April to secure their place in the programme.

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Publication of proceedings

All contributors are invited to submit a manuscript to be considered, subject to space restrictions and the normal peer review process, for publication in a Special Issue of the Journal of Fish Biology.

The language of the Symposium and for manuscripts is British English.

Manuscript preparation timelines

13 July 2018 – Deadline for manuscripts to be submitted online. Submit online via Editorial Manager (for Article type select “Symposium Paper”).

31 October 2018 – Deadline for submission of final revised manuscripts to facilitate rapid publication for the Special Issue.

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