JFB Special Issue on Stable Isotope Analysis (SIA): A call for submissions

Stable isotope analysis (SIA) has emerged as a powerful and widely used tool for understanding the physiology, ecology, evolution, conservation, and management of fishes. Submission Deadline; 1st Feb 2022 Click here to submit an enquiry to the SIA JFB team


Research themes may include but are not limited to;

  • The dynamics of isotopic turnover and discrimination of both bulk tissues and individual compounds
  • Development and or/utilization of isoscapes to better understand movement and habitat use
  • Application of SIA to niche theory and to trace energy flo within and among ecosystems
  • Historical perspectives on temporal shifts in fish ecology resulting from climate change and other anthropogenic disturbances

[click_to_tweet tweet=”The JFB are calling for Research Articles, Review Articles, Brief Communications and Opinions for a new special Issue on the applications of Stable Isotope Analysis to fish biology. Submission Deadline Feb 1st 2022! https://fsbi.org.uk/2021/03/09/jfb-special-issue-on-stable-isotope-analysis-sia-a-call-for-submissions/#enquiry” quote=”The aim of this JFB special issues is  to provide a global perspective, synthesizing recent advances in the application of SIA to fish biology” theme=”style6″]

Submissions are invited across the breadth of formats published by the journal: Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Brief Communications and Opinions.

We discourage submissions of original research articles that are based on single species or those describing general trophic ecology unless the work makes a significant conceptual advancement, which should be clearly stated in a cover letter upon submission.

Submission Deadline; 1st August 2022

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