The Research Grant programme provides members of the Society with the opportunity to bid for financial support for carrying out research on any topic that is relevant to the Society's objectives. There are two types of small grant which are available on a competitive basis to FSBI members: the Small Research Grant, and the Wyn Wheeler Research Grant. The Small Research Grant scheme is open to bids for up to £5000 per project. The Wyn Wheeler Research Grant Fund is open to bids for up to £6000 per project.

Small Research Grant

The Small Research Grant scheme is open to bids for up to £5000 per project and the current annual budget for Small Research Grants is £30,00. 

Research grant competitions are open to any member of the Society, regardless of their geographical location, but to be eligible you must be a paid up FSBI member at the time of making a grant application.

Examples of recent awards can be seen in the reports on previously-awarded grants below.

Wyn Wheeler Research Grant

The Wyn Wheeler Research Grant Fund was created at the behest of the Society's former Newsletter Editor, Terry Langford. The aim of this grant is to provide members with financial support for their continued activity in fish biology following retirement from full-time employment. There is one grant of £6,000 available annually.

This grant is named in honour of one of the Society's founders, Alwyn Wheeler, who characteristically pursued his interest in fish biology after retirement, including much-needed research on the fishes of ponds of Epping Forest (northeast London), in particular on the native crucian carp.

How to apply

The closing dates for applications are midnight GMT on 01 January, 01 May and 01 September.

After reading the Terms & Conditions, please complete the Application Form and submit electronically to the FSBI Administrator. There is also a guide to sending an Application to help the submission process. Subject-related enquires should be addressed to the chair of the Research Grant sub-committee. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours of applying please contact the FSBI Administrator.

Please be aware that applications will not be submitted to the Studentships sub-committee until after the application closing date.  All applicants, whether successful or not, will be informed by the chair of the sub-committee but this may not be for up to two months after the closing date. Do not contact the Administration Office until two months have elapsed.

The Final Report you need to complete is also below.