Want to Host a Future FSBI Symposium?

Hosts of our World-renowned annual symposium receive;

£15,000 financial support for the scientific aspects of the symposium

Access to our FSBI council meetings and network of researchers 

Advice from previous symposium hosts

Why Host a FSBI Symposium?

The Fisheries Society of the British Isles has held an annual symposium since 1977 and they have become an integral part of the Society’s activities. It is always the highlight of our year and the key to many of our society's successes.

A World-Renown Symposium

The FSBI's annual symposium is known to fish and fishery researchers around the globe.

A Symposium for All

Our symposiums attract high-quality researchers and provides an international platform for early career researchers

World Class Support

The FSBI has a long-running history of providing world-class support to hosting committees and institutes, not only monetarily but also through a dedicated council member and network of previous hosts.

Apply Now!

Proposals should be made not less than two and no more than four years in advance of the intended date of the meeting.

Any proposal will be evaluated by FSBI Council, which meets in April (for proposals submitted by March 31st) and December (for proposals submitted by November 30th) every year, though consideration is welcome at any time of the year.

    FSBI Application to Host Our Symposium - Please read and complete the actions below

    It is advised to also read our guidelines

    Previous Symposiums and Their Topics

    Check out our previous hosting institutes and take inspiration from their topics!

    Have more questions? Please get in touch with our society secretary, who is more than happy to give you all the information you want.

    What Our Members think of Our Symposiums

    "The symposium has already helped me expand my knowledge, networking, and scientific vision.

    All of the lectures and posters during the symposium were of significantly high quality and really helped facilitate my understanding of many new concepts that I have not come across within my research focus."

    Daniela Souza

    Aquatic wildlife conservation researcher

    "If I did not join the FSBI or apply for the 2019 conference, I would not have found my perfect PhD project.

    The conference was fantastically orchestrated, the talks were incredibly delivered, and the social events provided the chance to meet wonderful scientists, in which their work I have been reading and admiring throughout my studies."

    Joe Perkins

    PhD student, James Cook University