FSBI Sponsorship

In addition to postgraduate studentships, research and travel grants, and internships, the FSBI will consider applications for financial support of other activities or initiatives that support or promote the Society’s objectives. Applicants can bid for up to £5000.


In addition to grants for travel and small research projects, studentships and internships, the FSBI sponsors other initiatives, most notably the publication of The Journal of Fish Biology and the Society's annual Symposium. The FSBI also has a limited annual budget to consider ad hoc proposals for sponsorship of initiatives proposed by FSBI members that further the Society's objectives. In 2015, FSBI sponsored the Jack Perks film Beneath the Waterline; the book Freshwater Fisheries Ecology edited by JF Craig and published by Wiley; and an invited speaker for the American Fisheries Society Symposium Wild and Hatchery Salmonids

How to apply

Download and fill out the application form below then send to admin@fsbi.org.uk.

There is no deadline for applications.