Symposium 2012: The Physiology of Fish Behaviour, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, 9-13 July

The aim of this symposium is to bring together fish biologists from a broad range of backgrounds to advance our knowledge and understanding of the interactions between fish behavious and physiology. The symposium will indentify the critical importance of behaviour-physiology at all levels of organisation, from the molecular to the population level, and it will address how environmental perturbations such as climate change and anthropogenic impacts, including pollutants, can disrupt this defining relationship. We are interest in maximising interactions between fish biologists from all disciplines and backgrounds interested in the inter-relationship between fish behavious and physiology. We hope this meeting will help foster new collaborations that further progress the development and advancement of this field of research.


The following topics focusing on the integration of physiology and fish behavious will be presented:

  1. Hormones and Behaviour
  2. Cognition, neural plasticity and neural control of behaviour
  3. Disease/Parasites and Behaviour
  4. Pollutants and Behaviour
  5. Behaviour and climate change (global warming)
  6. Behaviour in extreme environments (hypoxia, turbidity, salinity)
  7. Communication and fish behaviour (i.e. pheromones, acoustic, electric)
  8. Fish welface (aquaculture, recreational angling and commercial fishiing)



Felicity Hungerford (University of Glasgow, UK)


Lars Ebbesson (university of Bergen, Norway)
Rui Oliveira (SPA-Instito Universitario, Portugal)
David Righton (CEFAS, UK)
Jenny Shaw (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)
Kath Sloman (University of West of Scotland, UK)



Prof. Ian Mayer
(Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Oslo)

Local Organising Committee

Dr Iain Barber
(Leicester University)

Prof Victoria Braithwaite
(Penn State)

Dr Ulrika Candolin
(University of Helsinki)

Dr Matt Gage
(University of East Anglia)

Dr Erik Høglund
(Technical University of Denmark)

Dr Hans Erik Karlsen
(Oslo University)

Dr Ioanna Katsiadaki

Prof. Göran Nilsson
(Oslo University)

Dr Øyvind Øverli
(Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

Prof. Svante Winberg
(Uppsala University)