The FSBI is an international, non-political, learned society, based in the United Kingdom, that supports scientific activity in fish biology and management through charitable sponsorship. Membership is open to anyone interested in these objectives.

We are registered in the United Kingdom as a charity (Number: 256475) and are affiliated to the Society of Biology and the Society for Science and Technology.

The Society's objectives are more formally stated in its Constitution, but in brief it aims to encourage, promote and support all branches of fish biology, and fisheries science and conservation. In furtherance of these objectives, the Society shall have the powers to:

  • Convene and provide financial support for meetings on appropriate aspects of fish biology and fisheries science and conservation;
  • Disseminate research and technical information through the agency of the Society's journal the Journal of Fish Biology and by other means;
  • Support research in, or connected with, fish biology and fisheries management, including the provision of travel bursaries, PhD studentships, small research grants and sponsorship;
  • Collect and disseminate information on all matters affecting the activities mentioned and exchange such information with other bodies having similar objects whether in this country or overseas.

Full Constitution (119 KB) | Reserves Policy (1.02 MB)


For all enquiries, except those regarding the payment of membership fees, and the submission of grant applications, please contact the Society's administrative office:

FSBI Administrative Office
c/o Charity & Social Enterprise Unit
Horton House
Exchange Flags
L2 3YL

Contact: FSBI Administrator
Tel.: +44 (0)151 600 3131